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Boston Scientific Adding More Warnings to Transvaginal Meshes

Transvaginal mesh devices have been linked to painful internal erosion and chronic illnesses in women for years, In particular, numerous devices produced by Boston Scientific Corporation have been flagged as unreasonably dangerous for patient use without strict evaluation from a medical professional. In response to thousands of lawsuits being filed by injured women across the country, Boston Scientific is apparently stepping up its safety requirements.

The company announced in June 2016 that it would be putting addition warnings on transvaginal mesh devices to explain that erosion and “ongoing pain” could occur with regular use. The updated labels will also state that vaginal meshes and slings are to be considered permanent, and that removal of such a device will likely require surgery.

Warning label updates should affect the following transvaginal slings and mesh devices:

  • Advantage
  • Lynx
  • Obtryx
  • Obtryx II
  • Solyx
  • Uphold LITE
  • Pinnacle LITE
  • Upsylon Y

Transvaginal slings are designed to stop urinary incontinence resulting from a stress injury. Surgical meshes are intended to reinforce internal tissues in women who have suffered a pelvic organ prolapse. An Obstetrics & Gynecology journal study, which involved millions of women, determined that a woman has a one-in-five percent change of experiencing either condition in their lifetime.

The effectiveness and design of sling and mesh medical devices have been called into question in the past and warning label updates do little to ease patient concerns. Boston Scientific is expected to face nearly 40,000 product liability and defective medical device lawsuits. More than 10,000 have reportedly been settled out of court, on the grounds that the company has to admit no liability or wrongdoing.

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