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Common Slip & Fall Accident Causes

Everyone wants to do what they can to avoid serious injury but that goal becomes difficult if you do not know the most common injury types, and what causes them. It may come as some surprise but slip and fall accidents – sometimes called trip and fall accidents – are some of the most common accidents. For many people, especially elders, it only takes one slip to suffer a severe injury that can cause lifelong complications.

To help yourself avoid slipping and falling, you need to know their most common sources, which are:

  • Uncleaned spills: Puddles of water, soda, and other liquids are a menace when they are on tiles, hardwood floors, concrete, and other slick, non-carpeted surfaces. When it is raining, storefronts have a responsibility to keep their entrances dry and slip-free, using warning signs to designate that the area could have slick footing. It is even worse when someone uses a mop to clean the floor in a retail location, does not provide any wet floor signs, and then someone slips on the resulting water residue.
  • Missing handrails: Steps and stairs of any size should always be accompanied by a securely-affixed handrail. Most everyone assumes that there will be a handrail when ascending or descending stairs, and a trip and fall can occur if they reach out for one, only to find it is not there. If a handrail is broken, the property owner or manager must provide clear warning that a trip hazard exists before making arrangements to fix it as soon as possible.
  • Loose wires: Cables, wires, and cords can get tangled up in peoples’ feet. Most slip and fall accidents that occur within office locations are actually caused by loose wires from printers, computers, and other electronics. Office managers can be held accountable for any slip and fall injuries if they do not take the proper steps to ensure that all cables are secured appropriately and out of walkways.
  • Poor lighting: If an area in a public place presents a pathway, it must be lit adequately at all times. Dim, poor, or completely absent lighting makes anywhere dangerous and highly increases the chances of a slip and fall accident. Even a carpeted hallway with rails and nothing on the ground could become a trip hazard if the lighting is dark.

Did You Slip and Fall?

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