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Anthem of the Seas Cruise Ship Rocked by Storm and Controversy

Royal Caribbean, one of the leading cruise liner companies in the United States, has been dealing with controversy and scandals in recent months, some of which could lead to civil litigation.

Beginning in February, the Anthem of the Seas was forced to turn around mid-journey after its captain made the conscious decision to sail into a strong Atlantic storm. Video footage from passengers show 30 foot waves crushing into the side of the ship and 125-mile-per-hour winds throwing furniture across decks and patios. The tossing of the vessel reportedly caused 4 non-serious passenger injuries but did not cause the ship to lose seaworthiness. All passengers were refunded the cost of their trip and offered 50% off their next cruise as compensation.

In early March, the Anthem of the Seas once again found itself in metaphorical hot water as it approached another powerful storm. Royal Caribbean was quick to avoid another incident and had the ship turn around, cutting the cruise short by several days. In a story that is still unclear and gathering controversy, a small percentage of guests on the same journey reported norovirus symptoms, as later confirmed through a Tweet from RCLcorp, Royal Caribbean’s own Twitter account.

Also in early March, the Royal Caribbean cruise ship the Navigator of the Seas wound up in headlines after a male passenger fell overboard from the 10th deck, in what some believe to be an intentional suicide. Coast Guard officials attempted to find the man but were forced to call off their search after combing more than 900 square nautical miles. The man, who has not been identified as a passenger or employee of the cruise liner, was presumed deceased, possibly from the fall itself.

Are Cruise Ships Safe?

While all of these recent stories involve Royal Caribbean, they certainly raise a question concerning all cruise liner companies: are cruise ships even safe for a vacation? Sailing into high storms, onboard illnesses, and a potential lack of security all add up to what seems like a recipe for lawsuits. If you have been injured or inconvenienced while on a cruise, it might be due to negligence of the staff and company. You can contact Lauri J. Goldstein & Associates, PLLC to tell our Stuart personal injury attorneys about what happened to you during a free initial case evaluation. With our professional assistance, we may be able to determine if you have grounds for a boating accident lawsuit.