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How Your Supervisor Might Be Liable for Your On-the-Job Injury

Workers in every field can face specific dangers every day while on-the-job that they wouldn’t normally be exposed to on a regular basis. Line cooks at restaurants could suffer serious burn injuries while moving food from one oven range to another; retail store clerks may hurt their backs while unloading product onto shelves; or a construction worker could be struck by falling tools and debris. It is true that worksite safety is everyone’s responsibility, but is it always everyone’s liability?

Safety Requires Supervision

Parent companies and employers must make intentional strides to provide employees with a safe workplace environment. Simply telling workers to “be careful” is not enough and leaving employees to their own devices at all times is tantamount to recklessness. Instead, supervisors, shift managers, and safety inspectors must keep a regular eye on the workplace to ensure that everyone is being safe and that no hazards are present.

It can help to think of supervisors at your workplace like the driver of a vehicle in which you are a passenger. No matter your behavior, it still falls, ultimately, on the driver’s shoulders to take care of you and avoid car accidents. Yes, the argument could be made that your distracting conversation played a part in what led to the collision but, no, you didn’t directly cause it. The same can be said if you were hurt at work due to a lack of appropriate supervision or safety measures. This is especially true if your injuries stem from faulty equipment or a hazard in an area that is not normally your department. In the end, a workers’ compensation claim can be made that cites the negligence of a higher-up in nearly all accident cases.

It’s All About Who You Know

Here at Lauri J. Goldstein & Associates, PLLC, our Stuart injury attorneys do not personally take on workers’ compensation cases, which is what you would need to file if you were hurt on-the-job. We do, however, care greatly for our community and have a strong reputation among law firms in the Martin County area. If you have been hurt at work, feel free to contact our team and we can direct you to a trusted local law firm that can handle your workers’ comp case. For all other personal injury claims, we would be happy to give you a free case evaluation.