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Details Concerning Miami Marlins Pitcher Death Seem to Be Muddled

The tragedy of Miami Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez’s death shook people across Florida and throughout the baseball community. Fernandez and two of his friends lost their lives in a boating accident early Sunday, September 25th, at the southern tip of Miami Beach. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) was quick to speak about the circumstances of the crash, but it appears now that some of the information may have been incorrect and was inadvertently given to the public too soon.

A spokesperson for the FWC initially claimed that the boat did not belong to Fernandez; this would later be proven to be untrue, as the boat, the “Kaught Looking”, was indeed registered in Fernandez’s name. Initial statements always said the 32-foot Sea Vee was traveling at “full speed” when it collided with the northern jetty of the Government Cut channel. The speed is now being reported as undetermined.

Lastly, the first statements made by the FWC claimed that alcohol had not been a contributing factor in the accident. This is being reexamined as toxicology tests are in the works. There are numerous claims that Fernandez and his friends had been at a bar further inland as late as 2:00 AM that morning; the crash occurred a little after 3:00 AM. This could be indicative that someone operating the boat at the time of the collision may have been inebriated. The theory is backed further by text messages received by Eddy Rivero, one of the men on the boat, by a close friend that night who urged them to “be careful” and to stay “close to shore.”

The muddled information does not show any fallacy on the FWC or investigators; rather, it shows that more time is needed before the accident’s cause can be determined. At this time, it may even be possible that a defect in the boat’s mechanics led to the accident.

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