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Takata Corporation Truck Explodes in Texas, Kills One, Injures Four

The small Texas border town of Quemado was rocked awake by a massive blast late August 2016 after a truck carrying Takata Corporation airbags, inflators, and other parts crashed into a home and exploded. The strength of the explosion completely leveled a home, damaged several others, left one woman dead, and four others injured. Takata Corporation confirmed that the truck was contracted by their company but insists that the materials were packaged correctly for transport, and that the explosion was a consequence of the driver’s crash. A lawsuit has allegedly already been filed against Takata for the aftermath of the truck accident; it is added to the stack of legal actions currently filed against the Japan-based company.

Takata Corp. is currently under extreme scrutiny and duress following the largest automotive recall in U.S. history involving their dangerously defective airbags. The airbags use ammonium nitrate to detonate in a crash and propel the protective bag but, under certain conditions, the chemical component explodes with too much force and sends deadly shrapnel into the driver and passengers. At least 11 deaths around the world have been caused by Takata airbags.

The truck involved in the accident was carrying inflators, likely produced to replace the dangerous ones in the recall, as well as shipments of ammonium nitrate. Due to the volatility of the chemical, it is technically considered an explosive while it is in transit. In the aftermath of the crash, automakers, investors, and consumers alike are given, once again, reason to doubt the safety of Takata’s airbag products and how seriously the company is taking the worldwide recall.

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