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Top Five Types of Workplace Injuries

Injured Arm

Work and injuries have an unfortunately close relationship. Despite measures being taken to reduce the chances of an injury nearly across the board, millions of people are hurt on the job every year in the United States. According to the Liberty Mutual Research Institute for Safety, this leads to businesses in the U.S. spending more than a billion dollars a week on non-fatal workplace injuries. Preventing these injuries is a two-way street: both employers and workers should learn about these most common causes of injuries and take steps to avoid them. Here are the top five causes for the year 2016, as determined by Liberty Mutual.

#5: Other Exertions or Bodily Reactions ($4.15 billion, 6.7% of injury burden)

This category includes actions like twisting, bending, climbing, stepping, kneeling, reaching, crawling, and other actions like this. While these may seem trivial to some, to other people, especially those who have to do them regularly over the course of a work day, they can be a source of great pain, particularly when they can’t recover in time.

#4: Struck By Object or Equipment ($5.31 billion, 8.6% of injury burden)

Do you store things on shelves? What about work with tools? Do you have a door in your workplace? If you answered yes to any of these questions (which you probably did), you could be at risk for this type of injury. Workers are struck by objects all the time, and these strikes can cause serious injuries. For example, a worker on a ladder drops a wrench they were using onto the head of another worker who was holding their ladder steady. Workers should remain vigilant at all times to ensure that their equipment, materials, tools, or other objects don’t get away from them and potentially cause an injury.

#3: Falls to a Lower Level ($5.40 billion, 8.7% of injury burden)

This type of injury includes a fall from any sort of height, such as falling off a ladder or box while working. While they are somewhat rare, these injuries can cause extremely painful injuries that take a substantial amount of time to recover from. It’s important to make sure all workers who use equipment like a ladder or stool to reach a higher level follow strict rules undergo thorough training to learn the best safety practices, and you as an employer enforce these rules stringently.

#2: Falls on Same Level ($10.7 billion, 16.4% of injury burden)

These are falls that do not occur from any height, but can more closely be compared to a slip and fall or trip and fall injury. Do you have a wet floor that a worker can slip and fall on? What about a loose extension cord that is not properly taped to the floor and indicated for visibility? These are all serious hazards that could result in one of these common injuries. Keep your floors clean and dry and make sure any spill or trip hazards are promptly dealt with to reduce your risk for one of these injuries as quick as possible.

#1: Overexertion Involving an Outside Source ($15.08 billion, 24.4% of injury burden)

This is the undisputed king of workplace injuries. Does your job involve lifting something? What about pushing, pulling, holding, or carrying objects? If you hurt yourself while doing any of these motions, you could be eligible to receive compensation for an overexertion claim. These injuries come in a wide variety of severities, but are so common that they compose nearly a quarter of the workplace injury financial burden.

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