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Safety Tips for Bicyclists

The beautiful weather in Florida encourages many people to get out and ride their bicycles. However, all cyclists should be sure to educate themselves on the dangers of riding, particularly on busy streets with lots of automobile traffic. Here are five valuable safety tips for cyclists that can help them avoid a potentially serious collision and painful injuries.

Look for Cars Turning Right

Many cycling lanes run to the far right of a road, which means a cyclist may line up at a traffic signal on the inside of a driver looking to turn right. If either party is not paying attention to the other, it’s easy for the driver to make the right turn, cutting through the cycling lane and hitting the cyclist. Think of it as though you were driving a car and making a right turn on the inside of a big-rig; because they make turns that are so wide, it’s easy to get run over or forced off the road. The same can happen with cyclists.

Signal Your Actions

Many bicycle accidents happen because drivers around a cyclist were unaware of what the cyclist was attempting to do. However, bicycles don’t have blinkers, therefore the onus is on the rider to signal their intentions. When signaling, attempt to make eye contact with drivers to ensure they see you and have noticed your signal of whatever it is you intend to do.

Stay Out of Blind Spots

It’s already difficult for motorists to spot other motorists who slip into their blind spots, but that task becomes exponentially more difficult when a cyclist moves there. Never ride on the inside of a vehicle, and stay well clear of a driver’s blind spot.

Be Visible; Dress Appropriately

If you plan on riding after the sun goes down, you should do everything in your power to make sure vehicles can see you. Never dress in all-black, particularly when riding by street light only. The brighter and more visible your clothing, the better (even in daylight hours as well). Likewise, install lights on your bike (both on the front and rear) to allow drivers advanced warning to your presence. Reflective surfaces are also strongly advised.

Follow the Road Laws

Ever see other cyclists blow through a stop sign as though it didn’t apply to them? Not only is this illegal and could result in them getting a ticket, but it’s exceedingly dangerous. A cyclist who does not follow the laws of the road dramatically increases their chances of a deadly collision, particularly because other drivers don’t have a chance to react to them. Likewise, just like drivers, cyclists are required to be sober on the roads, so never ride while drunk.

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