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Fourth of July Safety Tips

It’s the Fourth of July weekend, and that means people across the country are gearing up to enjoy a weekend of summer fun while celebrating our country’s Independence Day. But it’s important to not let your guard down and become negligent while celebrating: injuries can and do happen over this weekend in a variety of ways. So before you head off for some fun, check out these safety tips and be sure to follow them in order to have a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend.

Swimming Pools

The Fourth of July is right in the middle of summer, so it’s not abnormal for the weather to be sunny and hot. This means hitting the swimming pool is a favorite pastime for many people in order to beat the heat. But before heading there, make sure you and your children know and follow the pool rules. Never dive into the shallow end, never run around the pool deck, and make sure all children are supervised at all times. Never leave kids alone in a pool, even for just a moment, as that’s all it can take for a dangerous accident to happen.


Summer weather is perfect for firing up the grill and enjoying some freshly barbecued burgers, hot dogs, vegetables, and many other foods. However, a barbecue could be dangerous if used negligently. Be sure to keep kids away from the grill while it’s hot, and always shut it off whenever it’s not in use. Keep everything flammable away from a grill, including removing any plants or weeds within about five feet that may easily burn, and go easy on the lighter fluid: the last thing you need is an out-of-control fire burning in your back yard.

Weekend Trips

Lots of people choose to get away for the long weekend, whether it’s to visit family, go camping, or even to take a trip to their favorite vacation resort. If you plan on traveling, just know that the roads will be busy over this weekend, so be prepared for some traffic. Be sure to exercise your best safe driving practices: check your blind spots when changing lanes, don’t follow other cars too closely, and give semi-trucks plenty of room, particularly when passing them.


Alcohol and the Fourth of July weekend go hand-in-hand for many people, and the combination of alcohol with any of these other activities can lead to potentially serious accidents. Whenever you’re planning on consuming alcohol, be sure you do so responsibly to avoid potentially injuring yourself or anyone else, and never drink if you plan on doing anything that requires care, including lighting fireworks. NEVER get behind the wheel of a car when you have been drinking, particularly over this holiday when the roads are busy.


We’ve discussed fireworks safety in more detail in a previous blog, and these guidelines should be followed whenever you plan on enjoying some pyrotechnics. If you plan on lighting your own, always make sure to keep young children clear of them, never let kids touch a burning firework (including sparklers), keep a water bucket or hose at the ready, and always wear safety equipment when lighting fireworks, including gloves and safety glasses.

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