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Firework Safety Tips

Independence Day is traditionally celebrated with parades, barbecues, beverages, and perhaps the most favorite pastime: fireworks. Thousands of Floridians will head to their local professional fireworks show, and many more will head outside with their neighbors to light off a few sparklers, roman candles, firecrackers, and more.

However, it wouldn’t be a Fourth of July holiday without stories of firework injuries that were for the most part entirely preventable had the injured party followed a few safety practices. While fireworks are illegal for recreational use in Florida and we don’t encourage illegal activity, we always encourage those who make the choice to do so to be safe and smart about it, recognizing the risk that is involved. Here are a few valuable firework safety tips.

Alcohol & Fireworks Don’t Mix

Fourth of July celebrations frequently feature alcohol for adults. After all, what better way to enjoy a barbecue than knocking back a few cold ones or consuming your friend’s closely guarded secret-recipe margaritas? However, if you’re running the fireworks show, make sure you sober up or choose someone else who is not intoxicated to light off fireworks. Intoxicated individuals receive a large chunk of fireworks injuries every Fourth of July, so avoid it the best you can.

Read Descriptive Labels

Fireworks should always carry a label that describes what they do when they are lit. This should help you avoid any sudden surprises with types of fireworks that you haven’t used before. If you are unfamiliar with a firework and how it behaves, read this label before lighting it. You could save yourself a lot of embarrassment and a potential injury from a sudden firework explosion you were not ready for.

Never Leave Children Unattended

Children love fireworks and often want to be involved with them. Whether it’s waving around a sparkler or enjoying a Roman candle, kids will want to be involved and keep lighting off the pyrotechnics. However you should never leave them unattended when they are around explosives, even mostly benign ones like fireworks. Unattended children can burn themselves or get too close to a lit firework, resulting injuries. Be sure you to keep an eye on them at all times and make sure they stay a good distance away when fireworks are being used.

Wear Safety Glasses

Regardless of whether or not you are familiar with a firework, you should always wear safety glasses when lighting one off. Fireworks are not immune to defects, and even a slight irregularity can result in a potentially dangerous situation by exploding suddenly or in a way that it was not intended to do so. In these instances, it’s best to make sure your vision is protected by wearing safety goggles.

Water Everything Down & Have a Bucket Ready

Preparing your home and property is an important part of firework safety. Fireworks throw sparks and flames in many different directions, so you should make sure that you keep everything flammable well away from where you plan on lighting them off. This means clearing away any dead brush or leaves and watering down the surrounding area to prevent any accidental fires from stray embers. It’s not a bad idea to hose off your roof before lighting the first fireworks to make it even tougher to catch fire. And finally, keep a bucket of water or a hose ready for any emergencies. Quick response can prevent immense damage and injuries.

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