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Do I Have a Dangerous Drug Lawsuit?

Dangerous DrugsHundreds of new medications hit the market every year, and despite rigorous testing and required safety standards, some of them still have the potential to cause serious side effects that can be devastating to your health. When you are negatively impacted by one of these drugs, you may be eligible to file a dangerous drug lawsuit. Do you know if you qualify? Let’s take a closer look at these cases.

What Makes a Drug Dangerous?

Thorough study and many trials are performed on every drug before it is cleared by the Food and Drug Administration for public consumption. However, many of these safety protocols are self-performed by pharmaceutical companies, meaning they also control the safety warnings and labels that are placed on these medications. Because these companies are motivated by profit, it’s easy to see why a company may wish to hide warnings or information of serious side effects on drugs they have spent a lot of money developing.

Drugs be dangerous for a variety of reasons, including

  • Studies were not conducted thoroughly enough to determine all possible side-effects
  • Testing was not thorough enough because the drug was already similar to another approved drug
  • Side effects were downplayed or information was hidden or suppressed
  • The drug was classified as something that did not need FDA approval to hit the market

When Can You File a Dangerous Drug Suit?

In order to file a dangerous drug suit, you must have both taken or used the medication and suffered a negative impact that can be directly linked to your use of the medication. This can be difficult to prove, requiring support in the form of expert witnesses and previous study information demonstrating the link existed previously. For example, if your medication has been linked to a particular type of cancer, and you develop this cancer after taking the medication, then you absolutely should consider filing suit.

Pharmaceutical companies have a duty to ensure that the drugs they put on the market are safe, and if they neglect that duty, they could be putting you and countless other consumers at risk. For this reason, the law holds them liable for the dangerous drugs they place on the market.

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