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The Five Largest Auto Recalls in History

Auto Recalls | Martin County Personal Injury LawyerToday’s automobiles are so complex and filled with cutting-edge technology that issues or unintended flaws are more or less expected. However, when these flaws create a safety hazard, the manufacturer may choose to issue a recall to get it fixed before it causes an accident and costly injury. Most recalls are small, but others been massive undertakings affecting millions of vehicles. Let’s look at the five biggest recalls in automotive history.

5. General Motors Engine Mounts – 1971
In the early 1970s, it was discovered that some General Motors models would lose control when the throttle would suddenly increase, resulting in serious dangers to drivers. The cause was found to be the motor mounts would separate, causing the engine to lift up and open the throttle on more than 6.6 million vehicles. GM was forced to install extra restraints to keep the engines in place.

4. Ford Ignition Switches – 1996
The second-largest recall in Ford history was issued when the manufacturer found that the ignition switch installed in 7.9 million vehicles was faulty. These electronic switches could short-circuit, resulting in overheating, smoke, and even a potential fire in the steering column, even when the car was parked and turned off. The recall affected several popular models, including the Aerostar, Bronco, Mustang, and F-Series trucks, for the 1988 through 1993 model years.

3. Toyota Pedal Entrapment – 2009
This recall is probably still fresh in the minds of many consumers. The Japanese automaker that has built a reputation for reliability faced a major stretch of bad publicity when they were forced to recall 9 million Avalon, Camry, Prius, Tundra, and Tacoma models, as well as several others under their luxury Lexus brand. The reason? The floor mats installed in these vehicles could trap the accelerator pedal in the on position, resulting in runaway vehicles. Toyota was forced to pay more than $1.2 billion in fines to the U.S government as a penalty for these manufacturing defects.

2. Ford Powertrain – 1981
The 1980s were no better than the 90s for Ford, who issued their largest recall in history, covering a whopping 21 million vehicles across its Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury brands. The recalled vehicles reportedly had the risk of the parking gear not remaining engaged, resulting in the vehicles rolling away, sometimes in reverse. To fix it, Ford issued each vehicle owner a warning label, telling them to park in a visible place with the gear selector in park and the parking brake fully set.

1. Takata Airbag Recall – 2013 – Present
The most recent and largest recall on this list has also been a huge source of agony for more than 20 automakers. Japanese airbag manufacturer Takata was found to have sold millions of faulty airbag inflators, which could cause the airbag to rupture and engage prematurely, resulting in potential serious injury and several recorded deaths. Takata had supplied the defective inflators to popular brands including Toyota, Fiat Chrysler, Nissan, Mazda, and many others, resulting in about 70 million vehicles being recalled.

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