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Electronic Logging Devices & Your Injury Claim

A new rule went into effect in February of last year which will require all commercial trucks to be equipped with an electronic logging device (ELD). On the compliance date of December 18th, carriers will be required to have all of their vehicles outfitted, except for those who are already using the older automatic onboard recording device (AOBRD) system, who will be given an additional four-year period to implement the modern solution. That means paper logs will be almost entirely eliminated by the end of this year.

An ELD is synchronized to the engine of the vehicle it is installed in which allows it to automatically record key data points. This not only makes logging hours much easier for drivers to ensure compliance with existing shift limitations and other laws, but also ensures accuracy. In addition to recording things like drive and operating hours, these devices can also record and store vehicle movement, miles driven, and location information.

All drivers operating on US roads will be required to have an ELD installed and operational by December 2019, including those from Mexico and Canada that cross over into the United States. The goal is to be able to quickly and easily send uniform laws for multiple days’ worth of travel to inspecting authorities on demand.

The Impact on Your Claim

If you have been injured in a trucking accident, an automatically-operating ELD may be beneficial to your case. Truck drivers and operators are required to adhere to a strict set of rules and regulations which are designed to maximize safety. Violating these rules is not only against the law, but can often be the cause of the accident itself, which would make the operating company liable.

Your injury attorney can often request the data from one of these onboard recording devices. Since the data is taken automatically, there is minimal risk of error, which makes this data strong evidence in support of your injury claims.

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