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Things to Ask Your Doctor After a Car Accident

If you have been involved in a significant car accident, you should see a doctor as soon as possible. Not only will this help you start seeking treatment for your injuries, but it will allow you to start documenting your condition, which you can then use to support your injury claim should you choose to file one against the other party. When you attend this exam, it’s also important to ask the right questions and make sure you get the information you need. Here are five of these questions:

  • How have I been hurt? – You’ll want to know what injuries you have sustained in your accident since you’ll likely be dealing with them going forward. You should also ask about the severity of these injuries, which can impact how long you’ll have to spend recovering, and thus be in pain. This amount of time will influence your car accident case in many different ways, so this is perhaps the most important question to ask.
  • Will my injuries have future consequences? – Your injuries now may hurt, but if they weren’t too serious you’ll probably recover in due time. That being said, sometimes people suffer lasting damages in car accidents. Things like concussions can lead to problems like dementia later in life, those who suffer a broken bone may experience chronic pain in that location later. Talk to your doctor to find out if you’re going to face any of these problems.
  • Are these injuries related to my accident? – It’s not uncommon for those with a pre-existing condition to re-aggravate something as a result of an accident, and insurance companies will often use pre-existing conditions to argue that the pain and suffering you’re experiencing was not the fault of their insured. This means you may want to ask how you re-injured yourself, and ask to have that information included in a full report of your condition.
  • Can I return to work in a normal capacity? – If you have been hurt, your recovery may be hindered if you continue to go to work in your normal capacity. Full recovery often requires significant rest or limited activity, but this isn’t always an option for those with jobs that don’t allow it. Instead, ask your doctor whether you can return to work as normal, and if not, what restrictions will you have, and for how long?
  • May I receive a copy of my medical records? – Are you planning on filing a car accident claim? If so, you should speak with a Stuart car accident attorney. The first thing they’ll need is evidence to support your case, and there is perhaps no better evidence that demonstrates your medical conditions than copies of your health records, including documentation of your injuries after each visit and exam. Ask for copies of these records to submit to your attorney after each visit.
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