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Things You Should Know About Child Brain Injuries

The more we learn about the human brain and how amazing it is, the more we’ve also come to learn about just how much damage a traumatic brain injury (TBI) can really do. For kids, whose brains are not completely developed, these injuries can have devastating and life-long consequences. In fact, TBI is one of the leading causes of acquired disabilities, both mental and physical, as well as one of the primary causes of death in children. Yet despite this potential risk, many parents still are unaware of just how damaging a brain injury can be. So to help, this blog will discuss information any parent should know about brain injuries and kids.

Common TBI Causes

Brain injuries can happen from a wide variety of causes, but certain activities always contain a higher degree of risk than others. Here are three of the leading causes of brain injuries in kids and teens:

Does your child enjoy football, soccer, or ice hockey? What about skateboarding, roller or ice skating, or even just riding their bike? All of these activities are great exercise and a lot of fun, but they all carry a risk for a head injury. Football, soccer, and ice hockey encourage contact between players, which often leads to head impacts, whereas skateboarding, roller/ice skating, and bike riding all carry fall risks, which could cause kids to land on their heads. And the list of activities goes far beyond this as well.

Car Accidents
Car accidents carry a heavy risk for TBIs for everyone, but kids are particularly susceptible. Car accidents involve a lot of force being transitioned quickly, which often causes your head to be jerked in one or more directions, causing a collision with something in the vehicle. Kids sometimes even sustain brain injuries in car accidents without even having their head collide with something in the car.

Slipping on a wet floor, falling off a jungle gym, or even just tripping on a crack in the ground are all reasons why kids fall down. As we grow and become more coordinated, we slowly learn how to avoid these falls. Until then, however, kids have a strong risk of a brain injury from falling down and hitting their head on the ground.

What to Do

If you want to help your child avoid a brain injury, there’s a few things you can do as a parent. First, make sure your kids are wearing the proper safety equipment for any activity they undertake. If your kid plays football or another contact sport, make sure they wear a helmet. Same goes for riding their bike. Likewise, encouraging safe decisions can help avoid unnecessary injuries. Second, while driving, always make sure your kids ride in the proper seat and use the proper child seat or booster.

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