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Back to School Safety Tips

The new school year is upon us! That means it’s time to stock up on supplies, purchase a new outfit or two, and start getting your kids ready for the start of their next year of learning. However, what’s often neglected during these end-of-summer school preparations is some important safety information that could prove to be extremely important. Here are a few tips you can follow to ensure your next school year is a fun, safe, and most importantly injury-free.

Avoid Heavy Backpacks

Homework can be a real chore, and those nights where the workload seems endless can be agonizing for children. They also can lead to back strain and other injuries from having to carry home a heavy backpack full of textbooks to complete all the assignments. Carrying too much on a young back can lead to all sorts of problems, including some that are very difficult to fix such as poor posture and back spasms. Make sure your kids know that they should only carry a manageable amount in their backpack and anything extra they need should be carried in their hands to distribute the weight more evenly.

Slow for the School Zone

Getting to school on time in the morning can be a challenge sometimes, but that’s no excuse for speeding through school zones. When children are present, the speed limit reduces dramatically to protect the safety of everyone around. You never know when a young child might dart out from between parked cars without looking or try to cross the street even though their light is red. Keeping your speed slow and paying close attention will help you come to a quick stop if you need to and avoid causing a possible injury from an unaware or oblivious child who runs in front of you.

Follow the Bus’s Stop Signs

We’ve all been there: we’re late for work, our boss is on our case, and suddenly we’re stuck behind a school bus that’s pulling over and opening its flashing stop sign. While it might be tempting to just drive around the bus and get on your way, the truth is it’s a huge risk. Kids may be crossing the street in front of the bus where you can’t see them, which is why school busses stop traffic. Running a school bus stop sign is against the law and could lead to a hefty ticket, but it could also cause a serious injury. It’s far better to stay on the safe side and wait for the loading to finish before proceeding.

Be Careful in Inclement Weather

Florida is blessed to enjoy an abundance of sunshine and warm temperatures every year, so your kids probably won’t have stories of walking back and forth to school in the snow uphill both ways. However, Florida is not a stranger to rain. Rain can cause a number of safety hazards such as slippery sidewalks, and slick hard floors that are found in hallways all throughout many schools. While most schools will put heavy rugs out to try and absorb as much of this water as possible, make sure your kids know not to run on hard surfaces and walkways during heavy winter weather.

Head Injuries Are No Joke

Many studies have shown just how immense of an effect a concussion can have on a young child. Developing brains do not respond particularly well to heavy impacts, and thus school can be potentially dangerous. This is particularly true with student athletes who play sports where head contact is a fairly normal part of the game. Sports like football, basketball, soccer, and even cheerleading all have a fairly high risk for a head injury after a major impact. If your child takes a nasty knock on the head, don’t simply brush it off. It’s better to be safe than sorry and get them checked by a medical professional immediately. Likewise, always make sure your child has the necessary equipment to participate in these events as safely as possible.

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