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Four Signs of Nursing Home Neglect

When we entrust a care facility to look after our loved ones, we do so with the assumption that they are going to provide them with the best possible care and attention they need. However, these facilities are not immune from abuse, including neglecting to care for their loved ones. When you suspect your loved ones are being neglected, you need to move quickly in order to hold their caretakers accountable, and that means being able quickly and accurately spot the signs of neglect. To help you do this, here are four common signs of elder neglect.

Sudden Weight Loss

A care facility should be making sure their residents are eating and getting the nutrition they need. However, a care facility that’s neglecting a patient won’t make sure they’re getting the food they need. As a result, the patients will go hungry, and this will lead to a sudden and fairly rapid weight loss trend. If you notice your loved ones seem to be getting thinner and more frail, they may not be eating, and this could be because they’re being neglected.


Similar to the previous point, a neglected care facility resident may not be getting the water they need to keep themselves healthy. While most residents have access to a drinkable water source, some simply don’t have the ability to use it on their own for a variety of reasons. A nursing facility that’s doing their job will make sure residents are hydrated, but a neglected patient will show signs that they haven’t been drinking enough water.

Bedsores or Pressure Ulcers

Bedsores develop when someone remains laying down for too long, sometimes for a day or more at a time. When someone needs help getting out of bed, care facilities will usually send a caretaker up to assist them with getting out of bed. If this doesn’t happen, then the patient who needs help simply has no choice but to remain there. This allows sores and pressure ulcers to develop. If you’re spotting these sores on a regular basis, this is a huge red flag that your loved one isn’t getting the attention they need.

Lack of Friendly Interaction

It’s not abnormal for someone in their old age to get a little cranky from time to time, but most people are pleasant for the most part. However, a sudden and dramatic mood swing from friendly to bitter or cold towards fellow residents or care facility staff is one of the largest red flags indicating abuse. Those who don’t interact with others on a daily basis are more prone to becoming introverted and defensive around others, especially those who were supposed to be watching over them.

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