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Three Common Sources of Holiday Burn Injuries

The holiday season is here, and people all around the Martin County area are preparing to celebrate in their own special way. For many people, the holidays is a time of traditional treats, celebrations with family, or even a much-needed vacation. However, what many people don’t realize is that the risk of a burn injury dramatically increases during the holidays as well. While your mind may be focused on everything that’s going on during this busy time of year, make sure you stay focused on what you’re doing so you could avoid having to deal with a painful burn injury over the next several weeks.

Here are three common sources of holiday burn injuries:


Winter is nearly in full swing, and while we’re blessed with some truly spectacular winter weather in Florida, many residents take this opportunity to use cooking devices they may not utilize all that often throughout the rest of the year. Specifically, many people fire up their ovens and bake cookies or other treats as well as roast beef, hams, potatoes, and other delicious meals throughout the month.

While the lower outdoor temperature may make life with an oven more bearable during the winter months, using one of these devices could still present a serious burn risk if you aren’t careful. Dishes in an oven will be hot and require suitable insulation in order to pick up safely.

Open Fires

The holidays is also a time where many Florida residents will open up their chimneys and enjoy the heat of a roaring fire on cooler nights. While we may not get coated in snow like much of the rest of the country, a roaring fire can still be a fairly common sight in Florida. However, fireplaces cause an abundance of both property fires and burn injuries every season.

If you haven’t used your fireplace in several months to close to a year, there’s a strong chance that debris may have accumulated over time, in addition to highly-flammable creosote. Make sure your chimney is clean before lighting the fireplace for the first time and be extremely cautious when lighting the fire to make sure you don’t accidentally burn yourself.

Finally, while stockings hanging by the chimney with care may be a favorite pastime, the truth is the fireplace isn’t exactly the greatest place for highly-flammable materials like cotton or wool. One wayward spark could start a serious fire that spreads quickly and could result in injuries. It’s ok to decorate a fireplace with stockings, but make sure they’re clear of any area where a stray spark could accidentally catch and ignite them.

Electric Shock

What’s more festive than holiday lights? Houses all around the Florida area are will soon be strung up with multi-color lights that shine brightly into the lengthy darkness hours. However, any use of electricity outdoors presents a greater risk of electric shock, especially because Florida is not immune from rainfall during the winter months. Even a small amount of water on outdoor lights could cause an electric shock if you aren’t careful, and an electric shock could cause painful, severe burn injuries.

There are several things you can do to improve outdoor electrical safety. First, make sure all cords and lights you use are rated for outdoor use. Any lights which are rated for indoor use only should never be used in an outdoor setting. Second, make sure all connections are tight, and consider taping any plugs to ensure no water or moisture can leak in. Third, if any of your holiday lights do get wet, let them dry thoroughly before handling them. Finally, always make sure your lights are plugged in to a GFCI-equipped socket so they’ll shut off in the event of a short. If you notice any issues, unplug your lights immediately to stop the risk from getting any greater.

If you’ve suffered a burn injury this holiday season through no fault of your own, find out more about your rights and discuss your legal options by calling the experienced Martin County injury attorneys at Lauri J. Goldstein & Associates, PLLC at (866) 675-4427 today!