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Valuable Tips for Avoiding Road Rage

Do you know someone who is quick to get angry when driving, often for downright irrational reasons? Road rage is a problem that affects millions of drivers, and what many people don’t recognize is that angry driving can actually cause car accidents and possibly serious injuries. Those who get mad often want to get even, and that leads to dangerous driving habits like dangerous lane changes, speeding, and otherwise reckless behavior. What’s worse, drivers with road rage have been known to also start physical altercations, which can also lead to injuries.

So what can you do to prevent road rage from becoming a problem that could cause you serious injury in the event of an accident? If you or someone you know is struggling with this issue, here are a few things you can do to control the emotional surge and remain calm and civil behind the wheel.

Ways to Remain Calm & Avoid Road Rage

  • Have a Quick De-Stress Method: Often times people who suffer from the worst road rage are those who also suffer from heavy stress. In some cases, the road rage isn’t necessarily the lone factor causing someone emotional turmoil—they could also be dealing with work stress, family life issues, monetary problems, or a whole host of other things that are weighing them down mentally and emotionally. Having a quick method of de-escalating stress, such as counting to ten or breathing slowly, can help you diffuse the anger and get back to a more serene state.
  • Keep To Yourself On the Road: Interacting with other drivers is a really easy way to set off road rage, and sometimes it doesn’t take much to trigger an interaction. Yelling at other drivers, making rude or offensive gestures at them, or even taking more aggressive and dangerous actions like trying to drive them off the road only increases tension and the chances of an accident. Keep to yourself, only use your horn to warn other drivers of your presence, and don’t respond in kind to any possibly-provoking actions.
  • Stay Secure: Keep your doors locked and windows shut while behind the wheel. You never know when someone who isn’t in the right state of mind may try to remove you from your car by force. Security can also help you keep your emotions in check—knowing someone who may wish to come after you can’t get at you can help you remain calm in the face of tension.
  • Avoid Other Angry Drivers: If another driver becomes angry (as we said, this problem affects millions of people so it’s not unlikely or even rare for this to happen), it’s best just to avoid contact with them entirely. Give them room, let them pass, and go your separate ways. Change lanes and let irate drivers pass without issue. It’s best just to give angry drivers their space and avoid them at all costs so their reckless actions don’t put you in danger of an accident or injury.
  • Get Help for Injured in an Accident: Those who suffer from road rage may want nothing more than to retaliate against the other driver in the event of an accident. However, not only is this against the law (assault is a punishable criminal offense), but it doesn’t actually do anything to help the situation you’re in. The first thing you should do in an accident, no matter how angry you are, is get help for anyone who might be injured. The longer you wait to get injured people help, the worse their condition could be by the time they are attended to.

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