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Four Important Safety Tips for Hitting the Beach

Florida is blessed with 1,350 miles of coastline, the second most of any state in the country behind only Alaska. Between this fact and our nearly year-round beautiful weather, it’s no wonder that so many locals and tourists alike pay a visit to our beaches each year for some fun and relaxation in the warm sun. However, a day at the beach could also be risky thanks to the large number of injury hazards you could face.

To help you better enjoy your day in the sand and avoid a potentially devastating injury that would put a serious damper on your summer, here are five valuable safety tips should keep in mind.

Beware Strong Currents

Whether you’re an avid surf enthusiast or simply enjoy taking a swim in the ocean, strong currents could present a major safety hazard to just about anyone. This is especially true for those who aren’t strong or confident swimmers and lack the ability to get themselves back in to shore when the tide starts to carry them away.

If you struggle with your swimming, always visit beaches that are patrolled by lifeguards and pay attention to the towers for any indications of strong currents or riptides, usually signified by a single red flag. If you see two red flags, don’t get in the water: the currents and hazards make conditions too dangerous, even for skilled swimmers.

Don’t Drink and Drive

Those who are of legal drinking age often enjoy bringing a few of their favorite beverages to enjoy in the sun. But anyone who’s consumed an abundance of alcohol on a hot day can tell you just how quickly intoxication can set in. This is particularly dangerous for people who then pack up their stuff and get in the car to head home before the intoxication has worn off.

Drunk driving causes thousands of injuries and fatalities every year, and being caught could subject you to heavy criminal penalties. To counter this problem, drink responsibly and consume less than you think would normally be “okay” for your limit. Likewise, also bring fresh, cool drinking water to keep your body temperature down and stay hydrated, helping you stay sober and safe to drive.

Wear Sunblock

A nasty sunburn is no fun for anyone. However, while they might leave you with a nice tan in the aftermath, they also dramatically increase your chances of developing dangerous skin cancer later on in life. For this reason, everyone should use sunscreen when spending extended time in the sun. Even if you don’t burn easily, the sun exposure alone could increase the risk. Spending a few minutes putting on sunblock can save you a world of potential pain and health complications later.

Beware Wildlife

If you look up at a lifeguard tower and see a purple or blue flag, then potentially dangerous marine wildlife has been spotted in the area. This can include everything from sharks to jellyfish. While it does not mean that the waters are closed to swimmers, it does mean you’d do well to exercise caution when heading out into the water for a swim. Furthermore, make sure you’re swimming in the range of that lifeguard tower should you unexpectedly encounter one of these animals.

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