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What You Need to File a Car Accident Claim

Filling a car accident claim can seem like an intimidating prospect. The thought of facing an insurance company and their army of attorneys isn’t appealing to many people, but the truth is that if you don’t take matters into your own hands and file one of these claims, you may not get the compensation you’re legally entitled to, and that can wind up costing you thousands.

If you wish to pursue justice and file a car accident claim, you can make the process significantly easier by getting a few things together beforehand. On this blog, we’ll discuss the four most important things you need to give yourself the best possible chance at filing a successful claim.

Police Report

When you want to file a car accident claim, you’ll need to prove two things: first, that the accident was caused due to the negligence of the other party, and second that the injuries you suffered were a result of that negligence. How do you prove these things? The same way you prove anything else: with evidence.

A police report is the first important piece of evidence that’s going to be central to your claim. A police report includes the information of all parties involved, as well as witnesses, statements, observations from the scene, dates and times, and so much more. These take time to prepare—it may not be ready for anywhere from several days to a week or two after the accident date, but be patient. You’ll need to get a copy of this report as soon as it goes public.

Medical Records

Medical records are extremely important for documenting not only the severity of your injuries, but the condition you were in as a result of the accident. When you’re injured in a car accident, no matter how minor, it’s strongly advised you see a medical professional as soon as possible. A doctor can document your condition and inform you if you have any underlying injuries that you may not be aware of because of the accident. Furthermore, a doctor can also continually evaluate you and give you records to track your recovery progress as well as what treatments are being done in order to aid you in your recovery.

These records are extremely important for not only documenting exactly what your condition is, but what kind of damages you have suffered as well. If your doctor is advising you to stay home from work to recover, that will be listed in the records. Pain medications? Those will be there. Rehabilitation treatments? Also there. Having a complete list of your medical records, including detailed records of each visit to a doctor can only help you successfully back up your claims with evidence.

Accident Pictures

If the old saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” is true, then a small tool you probably have in your pocket gives you the ability to write a novel about your car accident. Modern cell phones are equipped with fairly high-quality cameras that can accurately document the scene of a car accident. When you’re involved in a wreck, take pictures of everything in the accident you think may be relevant, including damage to your car, other party’s cars, any traffic control signs, tire skid marks on the road, and much more. You may not think it means all that much, but small details can make the difference between winning and losing your case.

If you were only able to take photos with film, develop them and have them digitized. Not only will you want to make sure you have copies of them for your records, but you’ll need to make them easily accessible by all parties if you want to submit them as evidence in your case.

Qualified Representation

The last thing you need for your case is a Stuart car accident lawyer with experience fighting back against the tactics and arguments that insurance companies use to protect themselves and their insureds from liability. Companies will often do everything in their power to reduce their responsibility to pay for your damages, and that means you’ll need someone who can protect you, fight for your rights, and give you the best possible chance at a successful outcome.

In fact, it’s strongly advised you contact an attorney and work with them from the very outset of your case. The sooner one can get involved, the better your chances at success will be.

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