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Five Important Hurricane Season Safety Tips

We’re approaching the end of hurricane season, but that also means we’re headed for the worst and traditionally strongest period of time. And of course, Mother Nature herself has made quite clear that the southeast United States won’t get away quite so lucky. With hurricane Florence surging through the Carolinas, we offer prayers and hopes for safety for residents who are being affected by the storm’s path.

This also presents a great time to take a look at some important hurricane safety tips that can help you potentially avoid being injured in the event one of these storms passes through. While hurricanes usually offer some degree of predictability as to when and where they’ll make landfall, it’s still important to take them seriously and take precautionary measures to preserve the safety of you and your family.

Here are five hurricane safety tips that you should keep in mind.

Listen To Your Local Authorities

When authorities order evacuation of an area due to severe weather, they’re not doing so in order to open the door to looters and crime waves. They’re doing so because they want to save as many lives as possible. When they advise you leave the area, it’s in your best interest to listen to them, secure your home as much as possible (more on that later), pack your most important belongings, and go somewhere safe, away from the serious danger that triple-digit winds and torrential rainfall can carry.

Keep Your Car Maintenance Up to Date

Leaving town to evacuate from a hurricane places a tremendous amount of stress on traffic flow. Expect traffic jams, angry drivers, and erratic behavior as people scramble to reach their destination. Do your best to remain calm, drive safely, and make sure your car maintenance is up to date. Check your oil and get it changed if it’s due. Check your tires to make sure they have plenty of tread to handle heavy rainfall. Check your lights and make sure they’re all working properly. And have a mechanic check your brakes to make sure they’re in good condition as well.

Pack a First-Aid Kit

When disasters happen, emergency resources become overloaded in no time at all, and that means you may not be able to get the medical attention you need in an accident right away. Pack a first-aid kit with bandages, braces, and splints which can stabilize an injured joint or broken bone for a little bit of extra time before finally being able to see a doctor and get proper treatment. Also pack plenty of anti-bacterial disinfecting spray for cuts and bruises. The possibility of a serious infection rises exponentially when floodwaters rise, so make sure you clean all seemingly minor injuries immediately to avoid the possibility of infection.

Bring a Cage for Your Pets

Animals can become scared and nervous extremely easily during evacuation proceedings, so it’s important to make sure you have a way of securing them. Animals that become nervous are more prone to lashing out or becoming defensive, especially in new territory they might be sharing with other animals. Pack plenty of food for them, a blanket to keep them warm, and a traveling crate or cage that you can use to secure them and prevent them from potentially biting another dog or another person.

Don’t Enter a Damaged Structure

Hurricane winds can carry massive pieces of debris that collide with buildings and cause all sorts of damage. Broken glass is common, but if a hurricane has caused a tree to fall, crushing the roof on a structure or causing a wall to collapse, DO NOT go into that structure. It may be difficult to follow this rule if the damaged building is your home, but a building that has been compromised in this way is a serious danger for further collapsing at any given moment. Stay outside and do not enter until you’ve been given the all-clear by an inspector or building engineer who says the building is safe to enter again. It may take some time before this happens, but it’s far better to play it safe and avoid the injury than get hurt looking for possessions that were left behind.

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