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Five Surprising Ways You Could Be Liable For Damages

When your actions or conduct are the cause of someone else’s injury, you could be held liable for the damages and thus be financially responsible for them. While most people think of liability in terms of tripping over a crack in the sidewalk or causing a car accident, there are loads of ways you could be held liable, including several you may never have thought about before.

Here are five surprising way you could be held liable for the injuries of another.

Your Dog Bites Someone

Dogs are man’s best friend, but they are still animals at their core. Animals have instincts, and you never know when those instincts might suddenly prompt them to snap and lash out at someone. Dog bites cause thousands of injuries per year, and as their owner, you’re responsible for their actions. That means you’re required to keep animals under control at all times, and restrained if you can’t. This same principle can also apply to cats, birds, livestock, horses, and other animals that could cause serious injuries to someone else.

Someone Is Injured by a Trespasser Trap

Florida’s premises liability laws state you are required to afford a high standard of care to two groups of people: those who you expressly invite to your home, and those who you don’t necessarily invite but whose presence may be implied. However, trespassers, or those who are at your home but don’t fall into either of these categories, could still file a claim against you if they’re injured.

If you’re having a problem with trespassers, you’re actually forbidden from setting “traps” or other potential hazards designed to keep them away by causing physical harm. Believe it or not, Kevin’s genius and highly-comedic inventions in the movie Home Alone would have likely resulted in extensive lawsuits in reality, even though the bumbling bandits were intruders into the home.

Your Golf Ball Flies Astray

Florida is home to some of the most famous golf courses on the planet, and every year thousands of people make pilgrimages from all around world 18 holes in our beautiful, sun-drenched weather. While golf is generally believed to be a pretty “safe” sport (aside from the occasional sudden outburst of frustration from more emotional players), what you may not realize is that you as a golfer are responsible for the actions of your ball. Golf balls are small, solid, and travel well in excess of 100 miles per hour on even relatively normal shots, not just off the tee.

Golf balls have been known to cause all sorts of injuries, including concussions, broken bones, severe facial damage, and much more, and that’s why it’s in your best interests to get the attention of players around you who might be at risk from a sudden stray shot. You are responsible for any injuries that your golf ball causes, so it’s best to make sure you’re not hitting towards or near anyone, and always be quick to yell and notify other golfers when your shot goes astray from where you intended it.

Flying a Drone

Drones are a popular toy for kids and adults alike. Whether you have a small, inexpensive one you purchased from a toy store or an expensive cinematic machine designed to take video and pictures from a bird’s eye view, drones all share something in common: they can quickly and easily cause some serious injuries to an unsuspecting victim in a collision. Drone propellers spin thousands of times per minute, and at that speed, the seemingly-flimsy plastic propellers can tear through just about anything you put in their way.

Drones can be a rewarding hobby, but before you take to the skies, take your time to truly learn how to operate your craft, what to do in an emergency, and familiarize yourself with local landscape. And perhaps most importantly, never fly over near people who may not expect a drone to be in the vicinity.

You Give Someone Food Poisoning

Cooking for friends and family has been one of the core methods of showing hospitality and care since the very earliest days of human history. However, food needs to be properly prepared, or else it could cause some serious illness. Undercooked meat, raw eggs, and plenty of other foods can cause serious illnesses that can even go so far as to put someone in the hospital. Allergic reactions are another huge issue that could even put someone’s life in jeopardy.

If you’re going to have guests over, make sure that your cooking and working surfaces in your kitchen are all clean, your dishes have all been properly disinfected, and all your ingredients have been stored and kept at a proper temperature and are not beyond their expiration date. The last thing you want is for a guest to suddenly file a lawsuit against you after you were simply doing your best to serve them.

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