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Dashboard Devices & Distracted Driving in 2019

We are long past the use of cell phones as the foremost source of disruption for drivers. While texting and driving was once the primary cause of reckless driving behavior, technology has long since progressed and your own vehicle’s dashboard is more advanced than ever before. Dashboard devices are both a source of entertainment as well as a necessity for many who employ the built-in voice or touch screen systems. While putting down your cell phone is the first step to becoming a safer driver, it is vital you ensure 100% of your attention is focused on the road at all times.

While younger drivers tended to be the main perpetrators of distracted driving, the rise in these infotainment centers for most new models means the risk of distraction is everywhere. It only takes one moment of entering a destination into your car’s navigation or scrolling through the right playlist for a fatal crash to occur. Even if your vehicle’s system is hands-free and controlled by your voice, your brain’s shift of attention lasts longer than you may believe.

According to extensive research conducted by AAA, in-vehicle systems are heavily demanding for a driver’s visual and cognitive attention. Studies show taking your eyes off the road for even 2 seconds doubles the risk of an accident and drivers can be distracted up to 40 seconds after using their built-in system.

Using a dashboard system is far safer than taking your hands off the wheel and physically using your cell phone, though it is the driver’s ultimate responsibility to never lose a clear vision of the road. This could be the difference between life or death.

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