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Slip & Fall Injuries Are Dangerous: Don’t Delay

Slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere, anytime. While many instances result in an immediate need for medical attention, sometimes, a slip and fall accident doesn’t reveal the extent of its injuries until later. Our bodies generally protect us at the time of injury as a result of going into shock, which is why you may not feel the stabbing pains in your back until hours, days, or even weeks later. When your injuries finally start to reveal themselves, you will face numerous difficulties including expensive medical bills, significant recovery time, work or wage complications, etc. Just because the symptoms are delayed does not mean they are not serious and do not necessitate the same response as a more immediate injury.

Oftentimes, slip and fall accidents are because of someone’s negligence. When this happens, it is crucial you keep a paper trail of any information relating to the incident. Without this evidentiary support, you cannot possibly file a claim within the statute of limitations. If you do not report the accident within this allotted time, you will have to overcome various obstacles in order to file in civil court. As you can see, time is of the essence when it comes taking someone to court. The longer you wait to pursue litigation and collect evidence, the more likely that justice will not be served.

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