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Filing a Claim After Various Types of Trucking Accidents

Everyone knows that a large commercial truck on the highway can increase the risk of a trucking accident for all the drivers around it. What is not commonly known, however, is the various types of truck accidents that can occur, and how those affect any consequent truck accident claims from injured parties.

Some of the most common types of truck accidents are:

  • Jackknife: The tractor of a big rig is attached to the trailer in the back by a large lynchpin in between them. When a negligent trucker slams on the brakes too harshly, the tractor can come to a stop but the heavier trailer will keep sliding and swerving for a bit longer. Sometimes, this shift in inertia causes the trailer to start rotating outwards from the lynchpin, sweeping across all adjacent lanes. The end result is the back of the trailer surpasses where the tractor stopped, folding the entire truck much like a folding jackknife.
  • Rollover: A poorly loaded tractor trailer can be susceptible to rolling over if it is top heavy. Rollover truck accidents may occur when the trucker takes a turn too sharply and too quickly. Strong winds can also catch the side of a trailer like a sail on a boat, tipping the whole thing over, putting people in adjacent lanes in immediate danger.
  • Rear-end: One of the most common truck accidents is the rear-end collision. If the brake systems fail or the trucker is exhausted, braking at a red light or stop sign may be inadequate, causing the truck to slam into any vehicle or multiple vehicles in front of it.
  • Underride: If a truck driver changes lanes or merges without properly assessing the lanes next to their vehicle, then they can actually drive over a smaller vehicle, trapping it under the trailer. Underride accidents are extremely dangerous and often fatal.
  • Loose cargo: It is also far too common for trucks to leave loose debris, cargo, and freight on the roads behind them due to negligence in load securement. For example, a loose tie-down could cause items to fall off the back of a flatbed truck and hit drivers behind it. Or, the large barn doors on the back of a trailer may pop open in transit if no lock is secured.

Why Does the Type of Truck Accident Matter?

When forming your truck accident claim, you have to make certain you pinpoint liability. The type of truck accident that caused your injuries can be quite telling when it comes to liability. For example, if you are struck by loose cargo that falls off a flatbed truck in front of you, then the company that loaded that cargo is likely partially liable for your damages.

Rather than trying to figure out the details of liability yourself, though, do yourself a favor and get the help of Lauri J. Goldstein & Associates, PLLC in Martin County, Florida. Our team of truck accident lawyers are standing by to help the wrongfully injured seek justice and compensation. All you need to do to start your truck accident claim is dial (866) 675-4427 – we are available 24/7!