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Signs You Need New Headlights

Many take headlights for granted. We tend to assume headlights will always be there to guide the way. However, as the days turn shorter and we headlights more frequently, you might not realize the signs that it’s time for new headlights.

Dying Lights

While it greatly depends upon the type of headlight you have, you should generally replace halogen and HID (blue-tinted) lights every two years. LEDs typically last twice as long.

Often, the danger of a dying headlight does not come from the bulb failing altogether. Rather, bulbs become less effective over time. HID lights turn dim with overuse, losing a few feet of effectiveness at a time until it’s difficult to see the road ahead. A buildup of molten materials on the glass can further reduce the effective distance by covering the light’s casing with an almost ashy substance that light cannot easily penetrate.

Aging Covers

Sometimes the issue is not only the bulb but the cover around it. Clear plastic yellows and becomes cloudy over time, especially when exposed to high heat. Light diffuses when it passes through damaged plastic, reducing the headlight’s effective range.

As the days become shorter, drivers should take a moment to examine their headlight covers for yellowing or clouding. The pairing of an aging cover and a failing light can significantly reduce a headlight’s effective distance, increasing the risk of night-time car accidents.

Maximizing Headlight Lifespan

Drivers can positively affect the lifespan of their headlights by using them only when necessary. Many cars utilize auto lights, which are automatically turn on whenever the car starts. By turning off the auto lights when they’re unneeded, drivers can extend the life of their headlights and maintain visibility when they need their lights most.

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