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Five Tips to Avoid the Dangers of Road Rage

Do you find that you become easily annoyed when driving? Road rage is a very real issue that many people struggle with, and unfortunately it’s one that can have some serious consequences if not properly managed. Road rage can lead to irrational or aggressive driving, dangerous maneuvers, and even lost focus, which puts yourself and everyone in the car with you at risk.

As you can imagine, those who suffer from road rage are far more prone to being involved in a potentially dangerous auto accident, particularly if they become angered while traveling at highway speeds. However, if you learn to control your stress and anger behind the wheel and stay calm when operating your car, you’ll significantly increase your chances of not having to deal with a potentially devastating accident. Here are a few tips you can follow which may be able to help you control road rage outbursts and stay safe.

Have a Method of Quickly De-Stressing

If you can feel yourself growing frustrated with another driver, such as one driving excessively slow in the fast lane or one who cuts you off and then slows down, then find a way to quickly de-stress. For some people, this may include taking several deep breaths on an even count. For others, this may be thinking happy thoughts or concentrating on something different momentarily.

In either case, stress and anger build into road rage quickly, so you need to respond quickly to quell the building emotion. Find a way of destressing that works for you and keep it in mind. This is particularly important when in traffic or surrounded by a number of other drivers—you may not be angry with any one in particular, but

Don’t Interact Angrily With Other Drivers

You may not appreciate how another driver is acting around you, but lashing out at them or letting your anger turn into action certainly doesn’t help matters. Don’t yell at them, don’t honk, make rude gestures, and don’t attempt even more dangerous actions, such as trying to run them off the road or intimidate them. If you come upon a driver who is doing any of these things, don’t respond in kind.

Keep Your Doors Locked & Windows Shut

If you suspect another driver is irate, your car will protect you. Keep your doors shut, widows up, and everything locked. Sadly, there are far too many instances every year where drivers get out of their car, walk over to a car that’s angered them, and try to rip open the door or window to physically assault the other driver. While, yes, it’s against the law, it sadly doesn’t stop people who are in a blind rage.

Likewise, if you come across another driver who is making you angry, stay in your car. Don’t get out and try to intimidate them. Not only could this be considered a form of low-level assault, but you yourself could get hurt trying to walk on a busy street in traffic.

Try to Avoid the Other Driver Entirely

If you struggle with road rage, or come across another driver you suspect to be angry, your first priority should be to try to avoid them as much as possible. Move over, give them plenty of space, and let them go on their way. Cooler heads will often prevail in this way. However, if a driver continues to try and intimidate you or act in a threatening manner, then contact the police as soon as it’s possible to safely do so. If an accident does happen, your first instinct should not be to try to violently retaliate against the other person, but rather to help anyone injured in the accident.

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