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Three Safety Resolutions for Your New Year

Happy New Year! With 2018 officially over with and 2019 finally here, many people are taking the opportunity to resolve to better themselves or change their lives in ways they’d like to see. For some, the resolution includes losing weight or getting healthy. For others, it might involve reading books, or taking up a new hobby. However, for everyone, these resolutions should also include making a commitment to safety and doing what you can to avoid a possibly serious injury. Nobody wants to have their life radically altered in a serious accident, and by making just a little bit of extra effort, you can do a lot towards protecting yourself and your loved ones from an injury this year.

Be a More Attentive Driver

Car accidents cause thousands upon thousands of serious injuries each and every year, and the increasing number of drivers in our country only means the number of accidents is likely going to continue to rise while humans continue to have to operate their own vehicles. While self-driving technology is on the way, it’s still far from here yet, and that means you still need to be responsible for operating your vehicle safely.

Likewise, along with more drivers, distractions have also become more common. We seem to see it everywhere: people on their phones, people eating meals, people fiddling with their center console screens, and so much more. All of these things could lead to a distracted driving accident, and serious injuries that they usually result in.

Instead, resolve to be a better, more attentive driver this year by putting the phone down, keeping your eyes on the road, hands on the wheel, and constantly scanning your mirrors for what’s going on around you. You never know: your attention may help save you and your passengers from being involved in an accident when another distracted driver makes a mistake.

Keep Your Floors Clean

Fall accidents happen quite frequently, and not just on construction sites or jobs where people use ladders. Slip and fall injuries in particular can happen nearly anywhere, and are usually the result of a dirty floor. Water or other liquids on a smooth floor isn’t always immediately visible, and an unsuspecting person stepping in it could slip, lose their balance, and fall, causing serious injuries. Likewise, things like toys, furniture, or other possessions on the floor in a dark room may be hard to see. When you can’t see something it’s easy to kick it, or worse, trip over it. Trip-and-fall situations can also cause major injuries.

Did you know that as a homeowner you’re also liable for the injuries someone suffers while on your property? It’s true—through the laws known as the “premises liability doctrine,” the owner of a property is liable for its condition and legally has an obligation to ensure the safety of invited and assumed guests to their property. Yes, that means if a relative comes to visit and trips over a child’s toy, breaking their wrist on your floor, they could sue you for the damages they sustain. This year, resolve to keep yourself, your family, and your guests safer by keeping your floors clean and clear at all times, especially when the lights are off.

Update Your Emergency Preparations

Are you truly prepared for an emergency to happen? If you ask the average person, they’ll say yes. But are they really? When was the last time you checked the first-aid kit in your car to make sure it’s stocked with what you need? Do you even have a first-aid kit? Is your spare tire inflated, or do you have a tire repair kit you can use in a pinch? All of these things could come in handy if you find yourself stranded on a road somewhere with car trouble or a flat tire.

What about in your home? When was the last time you changed out the batteries in your smoke detector, or tested them to make sure they still work? Do you have the proper carbon monoxide monitors installed in each room of your home? Do you have an emergency supply of food and water stored somewhere safe that can be easily accessed should a hurricane or tropical storm roll through, mandating an evacuation?

Resolve to stay safer and more prepared this year by making an emergency plan and preparing for it ahead of time. That way, should you need to, you can put the plan into action and keep yourself and your family safe.

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