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Three Ways to Make Your Home Safer for Everyone

Injuries can happen at any time and in any place, and that includes in the comfort of your own home. However, while most people think of home as their safe haven, the truth is they would be shocked to find out just how many safety hazards may exist without their knowledge. In fact, it’s this degree of comfort that often causes us to let our guard down, at which point we’re more likely to make a mistake that can cause an injury. However, if you follow these safety tips, you can avoid one of these injuries by doing away with the hazard well in advance.

Keep Your Floors Clean

The overwhelming majority of home injuries are of the slip-and-fall or trip-and-fall variety, and they are usually the result of something unexpected on the floor. Whether it’s a child’s toy hidden by the cover of darkness or a small puddle of water that turns invisible on a light-colored floor, hazards come in many different shapes and sizes. Even something as harmless as an extension cord allowing you to plug something in could cause a serious injury if your foot were to get caught in it, and that’s the last thing you want. Keeping your floors clean, dry, and clear can ensure no surprises, no accidental tripping, and no painful falls that could cause serious injuries.

Cover Electrical Sockets & Connectors

Electric sockets are a source of endless fascination for children, especially those who realize that sticking objects in those tiny holes makes things happen. As such, they tend to try and stick more things in those sockets, not realizing the danger in doing so! One of the best things you can do is to install auto-closing socket covers on all of your receptacles which may be within easy reach of a child. These prevent children from sticking their fingers or other objects in, but allow you to have easy access to the socket when needed.

Second, any permanently-run cords or electrical connections should be hidden away where they can’t accidentally be bumped or messed with. Cords can carry high voltage, and they might look like a fun thing for a young child to play with, potentially increasing the risk for an electric shock.

Secure Furniture & Decorations Properly

Florida is blessed to not suffer from a large number of earthquakes, however you don’t need the ground beneath you to shake in order for something to potentially come loose and fall from a great height, potentially striking you or a loved one. For example, a picture frame or display rack that’s mounted to the wall improperly can simply come loose or fall off, sending it tumbling to earth without so much as a sign of what might be impending.

Whether it’s a collection of china plates, a rack displaying souvenir golf balls, or a piece of priceless art, the best thing to do when mounting them to the wall is to screw them directly into a stud. A stud finder is a fairly inexpensive tool you can buy at your local hardware store which detects the presence of a wooden stud beneath your drywall. Drywall can crack and crumble with ease under pressure, but a stud will grab the threads of a screw and hold them tight, ensuring a durable hold that won’t come crashing down with the slightest bump.

Likewise, if you have higher-up shelves that are open to the area below, secure anything you place on them. This is especially true if you have a pet that can reach that shelf on their own. Cats have been known to knock down things like trinkets or potted plants for reasons that only cats could ever understand, and the last thing you want is one of them falling on you or a loved one.

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