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5 Reasons Your Workers’ Compensation Claim Was Denied

When an employee is injured at work, the employer is legally required to compensate the injured for their losses. Though these benefits are an essential right for all employees, workers’ compensation insurers may deny legitimate claims in their efforts to save money. Unfortunately, this leaves many deserving employees and their families bereft of the compensation they need to survive.

There are a number of reasons your rightful claim may be denied, including:

  • No witnesses – Without any 3rd parties to verify your retelling of the events, you may be accused of exaggerating or fabricating details.
  • Failure to report – If you wait even 1 day to notify your employer of your injury, the insurance company may argue your claim was not submitted right away.
  • Pre-existing injury – The insurance company may claim your injury is a result of an ongoing, chronic issue.
  • Failure to provide medical records – It is your responsibility to provide medical records, release any medical history, and sign the appropriate medical releases. Without these documents, your claim is essentially unfounded.
  • Disputes regarding injury occurred outside of work – Your employer may say you weren’t actually working when you were injured or that you were involved in misconduct at the time of the incident.

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