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How to Handle a Hit & Run Accident

Car accidents are some of the most traumatic and stressful experiences for anyone to endure, and they only become worse when the responsible party flees the scene. Motorists are legally required to stay long enough to exchange contact information with everyone involved. However, not everyone abides by this rule.

If you find yourself involved in a hit and run accident, consider these tips for handling the situation as seamlessly as possible:

  • Stay calm – Sheer panic and fear may overwhelm you, followed by anger and disbelief at the other driver’s carelessness for leaving the scene. For safety’s sake, stay calm. What is most important during this time is getting out of harm’s way. If the accident occurred on a busy street or in the middle of the road, there is no time to waste.
  • Call 911 immediately – Pull yourself and anyone else away from any lingering danger and call 911 immediately, even if there are no obvious injuries. Though you may not request an ambulance, you will have to report the incident for insurance purposes.
  • Look for witnesses – If you can spot anyone in the nearby vicinity, or if you have passengers in your vehicle, make sure to get their contact information. Their version of the incident will only help your claim. Any additional information they provide is better than nothing.
  • Document the scene – As with any accident, it is vital you take pictures of your car, injuries, property damages, road signs, curbs, dividers, etc. The more evidence you are able to provide, the clearer your depiction of the accident will be.
  • Seek medical attention – Adrenaline or shock may prevent you from feeling the full extent of your injuries. Even if your injuries do not present themselves immediately, medical records are important evidence to further your claim.

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