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Anguish & Emotional Distress After an Injury

Sometimes, the worst part of an injury is not physical complications or financial consequences. Emotional pain is an invisible yet extremely devastating aftereffect of most injuries or accidents. After an accident, you are likely processing an incredible amount of feelings ranging from fear, anger, worry, anxiety, depression, and more. Measuring the extent of your emotional injuries is complex but vital to ensure justice is served.

The state of Florida recognizes pain and suffering as part of general damages and victims must provide evidence regarding the injury’s severity, length of recovery, type of medication or treatment required, the injury’s lifelong impact, and more. As a claimant, you must express every way in which your life has been affected due to the injury or accident. No detail is too minute to share as it will only build a clearer picture of what your life is like after the incident.

Emotional distress is an umbrella term to describe any non-physical harm. For example, if you were unable to continue pursuing an education as a result of crippling anxiety, your injury has prevented you from enjoying life as you once did. This kind of anguish has the potential to destroy many aspects of your life, including personal relationships, family relations, career paths, etc. This is why accurately validating the extent of your suffering is crucial for the course of your life.

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May is Mental Health Awareness month and our legal team at Lauri J. Goldstein & Associates, PLLC believes ignoring this aspect of injury is a disservice to victims everywhere. Our Martin County personal injury attorneys are highly skilled and experienced in delivering you the utmost results. We never sacrifice our integrity or your needs when fighting for the justice you deserve.

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