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This Memorial Day, Beware of Drunk Drivers

While many regard the upcoming weekend as a respite from work or an opportunity to attend barbeques and holiday parties, Memorial Day is an important time for our nation to honor our country’s fallen soldiers. The holiday has been taken over as a precursor to summer festivities in which millions of Americans let loose, visit local vacation spots, and proceed to partake in extensive partying. This excess often leads to overserving or overindulging in alcohol, a recipe for a disaster.

The Risk of Drunk Driving

During Memorial Day, the streets are overwhelmed with an influx of traffic and pedestrians. These celebrations also often include alcohol which creates the perfect storm for disaster. If someone steadily drinks throughout the day they are unlikely to realize how inebriated they are, resulting in many buzzed or drunk drivers mistakenly believing they are okay to get behind the wheel.

Unfortunately, no matter how careful you are, there is no way to guarantee your safety from other drivers on the road. Law enforcement is hyper-vigilant in identifying these drivers with checkpoints though it is ultimately every individual’s responsibility to uphold legal driving standards or face the consequences.

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