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3 Key Statistics About Distracted Driving

3 Key Statistics About Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is no joke. 300,000 Americans are hurt in car crashes caused by distracted driving every year. We have laws about distracted driving. We have extensive definitions of what constitutes distracted driving.

There are even social media campaigns and school assemblies about distracted driving. It’s fair to say distracted driving is an epidemic. With so many people hurt every day, all drivers must educate themselves on the dangers of distracted driving.

There are three key statistics about distracted driving you should know that will help contextualize the scope of the issue and, hopefully, make you reconsidered the next time you’re behind the wheel.

1. Distracted Driving Makes Up 25% of Car Accidents

Sad, but true. If you’re in any car accident, there is a 1 in 4 chance that the at-fault driver was distracted before the crash. That number is even higher among teenagers. Fatal car accidents are the number one cause of death for teenagers. Moreover, nearly 60% of distracted driving accidents involve teenage drivers.

2. Daydreaming is the Primary Cause of Distracted Driving

According to a study from a Pennsylvanian insurance company, 62% of all fatal car accidents occur when the driver is “lost in thought.” By comparison, cellphone use makes up about 12% of fatal distracted driving accidents. While driving can be tedious at times, remember that other drivers depend on you.

3. There Is No Benefit to Hands-Free Texting

No matter how careful you are, even if you never take your hands off the wheel, voice-controlled texting carries the same risk as picking up your phone. The reason is simple: cognitive distractions are most likely to cause a car crash.

When you split your focus between the road and formulating your next message, you’re less likely to notice what’s directly in front of you. The message is clear; any use of a cellphone while driving, be it texting, voice dictating, or even talking on the phone, dramatically increases your chances of causing a car accident.

What Can We Do?

We often take driving for granted. We sometimes forget that it’s a dangerous way to get around. However, if we can all focus on the road and put down our phones, we could greatly reduce car accidents caused by distracted driving. Remember, distracted driving is completely preventable.

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