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Are Blue Headlights Dangerous?

You’re driving on a lonely road in almost total darkness. You can only see what’s directly in front of your headlights. Then you see a glow coming over the hill in your rear-view mirror. The blue light hits your mirrors perfectly, blinding you.

You readjust yourself away from the mirrors. As you round a curve, you momentarily see another pair of blue lights before you’re blinded again. Unable to see the road, you crash into another car. Now you wonder whether blue headlights are dangerous and if they are responsible for your accident.

What Are Blue Headlights?

There are two kinds of blue headlights, high-intensity discharge lights (HID) and xenon lights. Xenon headlights are considered more dangerous.

Each frequency on the color spectrum affects your eyes differently. The frequency of blue light penetrates your eye’s lens and can cause glares and ocular fatigue. Xenon lights are more dangerous because they combine blue and white light to a powerful, almost blinding effect.

Are Blue Headlights Dangerous?

Since 1984, the US Department of Transportation (DoT) has set vehicle safety guidelines for headlights. These effectively set the minimum and maximum intensity for headlights sold in the US.

According to the DoT, HID and xenon headlights fall under the maximum intensity limit. However, after receiving thousands of complaints, the DoT launched an investigation to determine whether blue headlights are safe for widespread use.

The results are clear: The DoT’s study found that 88% of drivers surveyed noticed a significant glare and visual impairment when facing blue headlights.

Another study by the National Highway Traffic Saftey Administration found that blue lights contribute to heavy glares and late-night crashes. Yet, despite the clear dangers of blue headlights, the DoT has yet to take action.

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