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What Should I Wear to Court?

Most personal injury cases settle outside of court, but if you are headed toward a trial, you need to know what to wear. In an ideal world, your attire would not influence the factfinders in your case, but in reality, wearing the wrong outfit could have a negative impact on your verdict or outcome.

The “Bling Ring” for instance, infamously wore Louboutin heels while on trial for burglarizing celebrity homes. This fashion choice did not help their case and even emphasized the prosecution’s argument that the defendants were a group of materialistic criminals.

Expert Recommendations

Legal experts at HuffPost emphasize that a conservative style is key. As such, you should avoid wearing logos, bold colors, and/or flashy jewelry for your day in court. Style consultants also recommend covering up visible tattoos, removing facial jewelry, and steering clear of any clothing that could detract from your message in court. You should focus on expressing trustworthiness and communicating your case with each aspect of your courtroom presentation.

Dress for the Result You Want

First impressions and minor details can influence both judges and juries. Fortunately, how you present yourself is entirely in your control. For example, if you are filing a personal injury lawsuit and testifying about overwhelming medical bills, you should not wear an expensive watch or diamond jewelry in court. Similarly, those who are pursuing wrongful death claims should wear dark, somber clothing to express their grief, instead of bright, cheerful colors or revealing outfits. While covering up cleavage and tattoos is a good idea, you may not want to wear heavy makeup or cover up visible cuts and bruises if you are claiming injuries after a car accident.

Paying close attention to how you dress may seem strange, but it can be an important part of your legal strategy. A good attorney will give you tips for your specific case, or even recruit an image consultant to help with your courtroom presentation.

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