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Can I Sue My Landlord for Apartment Injuries?

With many of us spending more time at home, the safety and maintenance of apartment complexes are more important than ever. If you are injured because your landlord fails to keep your building or unit safe, you may be entitled to compensation. As long as you can prove negligence, you can file a personal injury lawsuit against your landlord or building manager. In Florida, rental properties are also governed by landlord and tenant law, so the law may be on your side in more ways than one.

Injuries Inside Your Apartment

To prove your landlord is responsible for injuries inside your unit, you must show that the landlord knew or should have known about the dangerous condition and that they failed to fix it. For example, if you reported a leak in your kitchen and your landlord did not fix it within a reasonable amount of time, your landlord could be held responsible for any slip, trip, or fall you suffered as a result of the leak.

The same principle applies if you are affected by toxic mold inside your apartment.

Injuries At the Complex

Whether you live at a luxury complex with many amenities or a basic apartment building, your landlord is responsible for keeping the common areas safe for tenants and visitors. If your landlord fails to repair a broken stair, for example, they could be responsible for any injuries that occur on their staircase. Similarly, landlords can be held liable for drownings or injuries in poorly supervised or maintained swimming pools.

Negligent Security

Your landlord also has a duty to keep tenants and guests safe from foreseeable harm. Criminals may target apartment complexes, so your landlord should make sure you have working locks, sufficient lighting, and other deterrents for crime. They should also perform background checks on people who live and/or work at your building.

If you are the victim of a crime because your landlord failed to take precautions, they may be responsible for your injuries.

Injured at Home?

When you rent your living space and suffer an injury due to a dangerous condition, you can seek justice against your landlord. Lauri J. Goldstein & Associates can help.

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