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Wall of Ritz crackers in red and yellow packaging

Ritz Crackers and Washing Machines Recalled

For Allergic Reactions and Fire Risks

With all the dangers outside of our homes, it’s scary to think that defective products could be putting us at risk, too. Unfortunately, recalls continue to be announced. So far, the most notable recalls include Ritz crackers and Whirlpool washing machines. The mislabeled crackers put consumers at risk of allergic reaction and the recalled washing machines could burst into flames at any moment.

Cheese Sandwiches Contain Peanut Butter

According to USA Today, Mondelēz International recalled a limited quantity of Ritz Cheese Cracker Sandwiches because they were accidentally made with peanut butter. While the packaging identifies the sandwiches as cheese, they actually contain peanut butter, which many people are severely allergic to. The mislabeling affects “Family Size” packages of Ritz sandwich crackers, and the company has assured consumers it will not happen again.

A spokesperson for Mondelēz International also pointed out that the packages do include an advisory statement, alerting people with severe allergies that the crackers “may contain peanuts.”

So far, there have been no reports of illness or injury related to the recall. Still, consumers should throw out any products with the UPC code 0 44000 03826 7 with expiration dates between September 18 and October 2, 2020.

Whirlpool Washers Present Fire Risk

Good Housekeeping alerted consumers to the dangers of Whirlpool washing machines in December of 2019, after the company issued a recall for 800,000 faulty dryers in July. Over an 11-year period, the appliances were linked to at least 750 fires. Following this announcement, Whirlpool Corporation triggered the recall of over half a million Hotpoint and Indesit washing machines.

Just this month (May 2020), Whirlpool recalled even more Hotpoint- and Indesit- brand washersdue to fears they could burst into flames.” A total of 21 additional models has been added to the company’s original recall, and complaints have been ongoing.

Whirlpool encourages all customers who are affected by the recall to register for a replacement, which will be provided free of charge.

We're also asking anyone who thinks they have one of the Hotpoint or Indesit models listed on this website to click the ‘check my model’ button or to reach out to our customer service team,” said Whirlpool’s vice president in a statement.

What To Do if You Are Affected by a Defective Product

Sometimes, consumers do not find out about recalls until it is too late, and they have already been harmed by a defective product. If this has happened to you, don’t hesitate to reach out to our attorneys.

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