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corroded bridge - rust on blue paint

When Will the Roosevelt Bridge Reopen?

If you live in Stuart, Florida, you can expect all 6 lanes of the Roosevelt Bridge to be open by the end of November or early December.

Structural Issues

The Roosevelt Bridge stretches across the St. Lucie River in Stuart, Florida and carries 6 lanes of traffic. It has been partially closed since June 16, 2020, due to a crack and falling concrete. The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) noticed damage on the southbound bridge and “some structural issues” on the northbound side of the bridge during a routine inspection – although the large crack on the bridge’s south side was visible from the nearby Sailor’s Return restaurant.

At Risk of Imminent Collapse

Nearly 2% of Treasure Coast bridges are structurally deficient and another 9.5% are functionally obsolete. The US Coast Guard warned that the Roosevelt Bridge in Stuart was “at risk of imminent collapse” before officials closed off southbound lanes and halted commercial boating traffic. After minor repairs, FDOT officials reopened the northbound bridge to 2-way traffic with a 5-ton weight restriction, but the southbound bridge remains closed.

Repairs and Investigations

Built only 22 years ago, the bridge should not be demonstrating “severe corrosion,” nor ruptured steel tendons. Nevertheless, repairs are underway and expected to take about 4 months. FDOT is also investigating the bridge’s corrosion, which was found on both the northbound and southbound bridges.

According to State Rep. Toby Overdorf (R-Stuart):

One of the things that they're looking at is something called a corrosion model so they can learn, not only from what happened with this bridge, but then potentially be able to apply that to other bridges across the state so they don't have these issues.”

Mayor Michael Meier reassured Stuart residents that the city is prioritizing safety and will not reopen the bridge until it is structurally sound once more.

Updates about the Roosevelt Bridge can be found on the Florida Department of Transportation’s website.

Increased Traffic

Due to detours, traffic in the Treasure Coast area has increased. While the city of Stuart avoids a catastrophic bridge collapse, the risk of car accidents may be higher than normal.

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