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Florida Car Accident Statistics

People don’t typically set out to get into car accidents when they get behind the wheel. However, accidents still happen every day in every corner of the state of Florida.

Here are some interesting Florida car accident statistics from 2019:

2019 Data

The following data has been retrieved from the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles crash database:

All Crashes

In 2019, there were a total of 401,872 car accidents. Of those crashes, 254,818 people were injured and 3,186 people lost their lives.

Here is a more detailed breakdown of that crash data:

  • Total Fatal Crashes:
    • 2,952
  • Total Injury Crashes:
    • 167,021
  • Total Bicycle Crashes:
    • 6,664
  • Total Motorcycle Crashes:
    • 8,895
  • Total Motorcycle Fatalities:
    • 550
  • Total Pedestrian Crashes:
    • 9,736
  • Total Pedestrian Fatalities:
    • 734
  • Total Hit and Run Crashes:
    • 105,650
  • Total Hit and Run Fatalities:
    • 214
  • Total Hit and Run Injuries:
    • 22,401

As you can see from the graph below, the number of accidents that occurred in Florida during 2019 remained relatively steady throughout the year, with a slight increase in December.

2019 Florida Crash Data Graph

Accidents in 2019 were investigated by the following departments:

  • Police Department
    • The Police Department investigated 40.22% (161,651) of the accidents.
  • Florida Highway Patrol
    • The Florida Highway Patrol investigated 30.61% (123,016) of the accidents.
  • Sheriff Department
    • The Sheriff Department investigated 29.05% (116,736) of the accidents.
  • Other
    • Other agencies investigated 0.12% (469) of the accidents.

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