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7 Things to do if You’re Being Followed by Another Driver

7 Things to do if Another Driver is Following You

Most drivers are not paying attention to every small detail of their surroundings during the drive to and from their routine destinations. Because of this, it is surprisingly easy for someone to follow you discreetly.

When trying to decipher if you are being followed, consider the three-time rule:

  • Happens once: an accident
  • Happens twice: a coincidence
  • Happens three or more times: Deliberate action

If you trust your gut and believe you are being followed, here are some tips you may need to know.

Make Unexpected Turns and Get Back on Your Route

If you are driving on urban streets, make four right turns in a row, then go on your way. If someone is still behind you after all that, you are probably being stalked. Similarly, if you are on a highway, get off at the nearest exit, then immediately get right back on. It would be a rare occurrence for someone to do this normally.

Do Not Go Home

It is a natural desire to seek refuge in the safety of your home, but it is crucial that you do not. Likely, the person following you does not know where you live, so make sure to keep it that way.

Stay in Highly-Populated Areas

If this situation happens to you, there is safety in numbers. High-populated areas tend to be more well-lit too. Staying in high-traffic areas decreases your risk of being cornered by the person following you.

Stay in Your Vehicle

It is imperative to remain in your car. Your attacker would be able to reach you much more quickly on foot and be able to ambush you rather than when you are driving.

Gather Information

Once you have decided for sure that you are being followed, start collecting data about the vehicle tailing you, and if possible, the person driving it. Try to get the car’s make and model, and if you can manage to get a license plate number, that would be best.

Seek Refuge

If you are in a situation that allows it, drive to a nearby police or fire station. Most stalkers will not follow you there.

Call the Police

The moment you feel threatened in this scenario, call the police immediately. You can also detour from your destination and drive straight to a nearby police station to report the incident there. Give the police the information you have collected about the car and driver, and they will take it from there.

If you were followed or stalked and suffer mental or physical injuries as a result, our team wants to help you. Never sacrifice your psychological or physical wellbeing. Our team of experienced lawyers wants to help you talk through your legal strategy.

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