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Close up view of a traffic light with cameras

Are Red Light Cameras Legal in Florida?

Red light cameras are beyond frustrating. They are a failed experiment that allows cities and states to profit off the misfortune of unsuspecting motorists.

You can automatically receive a $158 traffic ticket for doing any of the following at a red light:

  • Turn right (legal in Florida)
  • Fail to come to a complete stop
  • Cross the white line (even just an inch) at an intersection

Some say that red light cameras improve intersection safety, but is that truly the case?

Maybe not.

It’s Not Proven That Red Light Cameras Improve Intersection Safety

The Florida Department of Transportation (DOT) has yet to provide solid evidence that red light cameras improve traffic safety at intersections. In fact, according to Florida State Representative Anthony Sabatini, “[Red light cameras] actually make us less safe. There [have] been traffic studies conducted by various government organizations, and what they find is accidents actually go up at intersections that have red-light cameras.”

Some jurisdictions across the country have seen an increase in rear-end collisions as a result of red-light cameras. These increases range anywhere from seven to 38.1%.

Red Light Camera Legality in Florida

As the legislation currently stands, red-light cameras are legal in Florida. However, State Representative Anthony Sabatini posted HB6009 in December 2020 in order to eliminate this policing for profit mechanism. According to Sabatini, “They are just a taxpayer fraud scheme. They are just a way for local governments to pad their pockets and raise more revenues.”

If you’d like to see the bill pass, it’s in your best interest to reach out to your state representatives and senators to let them know the reasons why you support HB6009.

If you’ve wrongfully received a red light camera ticket or you’ve been injured in an accident as a result of one, you may be owed compensation. Let our skilled attorneys see if we can help you recover it.

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