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Picture of a smashed white sedan on a highway with a sunset in the backgroundIf you or a loved one has been in a car accident that resulted in injuries in Martin County, you may have rights to certain types of compensation. In cases where the car accident was caused by another person, the insurance company of the at-fault driver must pay out for the damages you suffered. This includes not only the damage to your vehicle, but your medical bills, and other costs that may have come about as a result of the accident.

When dealing with insurance companies it serves your best interests to contact a Stuart car accident attorney. The attorneys and staff are very familiar with insurance companies and, in some cases, their denial of legitimate claims. We can relieve you the burden of dealing with the insurance company, which can often be confusing and difficult.

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Car Accident Injuries

The injuries one may sustain in a car accident can have a dramatic impact on an individual's life. He or she may no longer be able to work, drive, or even continue living without the assistance of a caregiver. Furthermore, depending on the extent of one's injuries, a victim may require hospitalization, on-going doctor visits, and physical therapy, all of which can be quite expensive.

A Stuart car accident attorney at Lauri J. Goldstein & Associates, PLLC can help you pursue your claim for maximum compensation. The attorneys understand the financial burdens associated with a traumatic accident or injury are often more than most people can afford, and are committed to doing whatever is necessary to ensure their clients have the financial resources they need for their current and future medical expenses, lost wages and benefits, emotional distress, and pain and suffering.

Some of the types of car accident injuries that are common include:

  • Lacerations or bruising of back, face, or limbs
  • Sprain or strain of back, limbs, or neck
  • Fracture of back, face, limbs, or neck
  • Spinal or neck disk injuries
  • Back paralysis
  • Jaw displacement or dental dental injuries
  • Brain injuries such as concussions, cognitive problems, or catastrophic brain injuries
  • Crushed limbs, dislocated joints, or rotator cuff displacement
  • Whiplash

Compensation After an Accident

Many injuries take months, years or even a lifetime of medical handling, and if you settle quickly, you may face future problems and will not have enough or any compensation for damages to cover it. There are several types of compensation that an attorney from Lauri J. Goldstein & Associates, PLLC may be able to get for you when handling your insurance claim. However, time is an important factor in personal injury cases.

Some of the types of compensation that can be sought in personal injury cases include:

  • Medical bills
  • Transportation costs
  • Treatment facility costs
  • Reconstructive surgery costs
  • Lost wages
  • Future wage loss

Depending on the severity of the injury, there could be other claims as well. Unfortunately, some injuries are so severe that the individual may need a lifetime of care, whether there are brain or spinal injuries causing paralysis, brain damage or other severely crippling effects. It is vital to the future of you and your family that you get the legal help that you need in such a situation.

Liability in Car Accidents

Florida roads, streets and highways are filled with tourists almost every day of the year. Unfortunately, many car accidents occur due to the volume of traffic, as well as the over-consumption of alcohol, drugs, and reckless or speeding drivers. Young people at the wheel who may be inexperienced drivers can cause dangerous car accidents as well. It can be difficult to determine who is at fault in a car accident. Ordinarily a determination can be made based on the position of the cars after the accident, skid marks as well as witness testimony.

As Florida is a "no-fault" state, you may be able to make a claim for loss of wages, future wage loss, pain and suffering, medical costs, vehicle replacement and other claims, depending on the circumstances of your accident.

Don't let an insurance company take advantage of you. Contact Lauri J. Goldstein & Associates, PLLC for a free initial consultation with a Stuart auto accident lawyer.

What to Do After a Car Accident

When you have been in a car accident, it is vital to document as much of the accident as is possible, depending on your injuries or the injuries suffered by your passengers.

After an accident it is advised that you take the following steps:

  • Check to see who in your car is injured and check your own body for injuries. Call 911 for medical help and police assistance.
  • Report the accident to your insurance company as quickly as possible.
  • Take pictures with your phone or other camera of the accident as well as any injuries if possible.
  • Get the names, addresses and phone numbers and insurance information from the other party(s) in the accident.
  • Get the names, addresses and phone numbers of any witnesses to the accident.
  • Do not admit that you are responsible as usually people feel this is true when oftentimes after the investigation it is proven that it was another driver's fault.
  • Do not give anything in writing to either insurance company without contacting a Stuart car accident attorney.
  • Do not sign any documents offered to you.
  • Get the number of the police report written if possible, as well as the name and badge number of any law enforcement.
  • Do not take any settlement offered without discussing it with an attorney.
  • Realize that you must report or make a claim within a certain period of time, depending on your coverage, so call Lauri J. Goldstein & Associates, PLLC immediately to assist you.

In many small “fender-benders” a car accident attorney isn’t necessary. Both parties exchange their insurance information and the problem is pretty much over, other than the usual car repair hassles. However, when someone is seriously injured in a car accident, it is a completely different story. It really is crucial to be protected by a Stuart car accident lawyer if you or a loved one has been seriously injured in a car accident.

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